Friday, November 16, 2007

Borough's proposed 2008 budget

The proposed 2008 “basic” borough budget calls for a real estate tax increase of 8%, no increase in water or sewer rates, and a slight decrease in the trash fee.
But, the “basic” budget does not include

Budget “B”–“staff recommended budget additions” totaling $3,420,640
Budget “S”–“sponsored items for consideration” totaling $120,500
Budget “C”–“other items for consideration” totaling $1,535,010

In other words, there are still over $5 million in possible outlays awaiting decision.

For some other budget thoughts that I’ve passed on to Council, {sorry, that link is gone now).

The Phoenix "Skips" the News

Phoenixville's 2008 proposed budget was presented to Council Tuesday night, November 13th.

To read our local paper, The Phoenix, you'd never know that.

Maybe it's because they didn't bother to send a reporter to cover the meeting.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Leaks from the secret budget

Rumors abound that the Borough is exploring the imposition of a business privilege tax to staunch the expected flow of red ink in the 2008 budget.

Maybe we should try to recall that the Borough once had such a tax.

Maybe Messrs. Messina, Kirkner, and DiGirolomo, our triumvirate of financial whizzers, should try to recall that the Borough's business privilege tax was REPEALED while they were all on Council.

If they try real hard, they might even discover why they repealed it.

Barry Cassidy--Beyond All Bounds

In his 'Guest Column' in the November 1st Phoenix, Barry Cassidy writes:

"We will be seeking to 'Connect Underutilized Networks of
Transportation' to make sure Norristown is not our window on the world and we connect better with Chester County."

You can't believe that the slogan he chose is an accident.

What is the matter with The Phoenix for publishing this--and as a 'Guest Column' no less?

What is the matter with the Main Street CDC Board for continuing to employ Cassidy?

What is the matter with the Borough Council for empowering this vulgar miscreant to represent our Borough?