Thursday, July 24, 2008

The CDC Director weighs in on his own conduct

Just an short excerpt from Mr. Cassidy's "shrimp boiled in beer" posing of July 24, 2008:

it was not without controversy and problems. some contractor whistled the three stooges theme every time i walked by his site for about a week...i did nothing and kept moving but them it got too much when they yelled stuff like is he a boy or girl...hey honey. i did a little verbal with him and he made a mistake in throwing a punch which hit me in the forehead...i hit him in the stomach and he doubled over...his workers were stunned...they just sat there and looked with their mouths open because this guy had a big bark...hit him in the nose with my knee when he was doubled over and whipped out my member and pissed in him. told him to notice i did not have to squat.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

An 'authoritative' hour

The newly-created Phoenixville Parking Authority held its initial meeting Wednesday evening, July 9th. The five Authority members were joined by Borough Manager Krack and CDC Director Cassidy.

The one-hour meeting proceeded in a measured and businesslike manner. After introductions of the members, the discussion moved to a review of the 2004 “Parking Study Report,” Borough parking issues generally, on-street and off-street parking, downtown and neighborhood parking issues, and a possible parking garage. The Authority also plans more frequent future meetings and the active solicitation of public input. The members noted that, somewhat to their surprise, their task included all parking in the Borough, not just the downtown.

The funding sources for a downtown garage include potential federal, state, and county grants totaling $7.8–$8 million, according to Cassidy. Also, he suggested that a private donation of the land for a garage may be in the offing. The value of that donation would be used as the local match.

The Authority appears to realize that it has no current Borough appropriation or staff and that it will need to develop its own funding ability.

Anyone wanting an emailed mostly-complete copy of the 2004 parking study can email me at

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