Friday, January 23, 2009

Borough Hall to be relocated

If you missed this news, look here.

(Just kidding, of course.)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back to being a tout

The publisher of the Phoenix has apologized (as he should) for the shabby piece about the late Spiedie Bistro.

The publisher then continues to reaffrm the paper's role as a promoter of business in town. (He knows who pays his way.)

What about being a newspaper -- you know, printing timely and accurate accounts of local events of importance?

Friday, January 16, 2009

In the chamber pot

OK, Spiedie Bistro goes out of business. The Phoenix, well known for its several Pultizer prizes for standardless journalism posts a picture of the now defunct eatery with a snide caption. Exit stage right.

Enter stage left and move to center stage the President of the Phoenixville Regional Chamber. When The Phoenix ran a front page advertisement March 7, 2008 (oops, they pretended it was a news item) touting the bistro's grand opening, the Chamber President had no criticism. Now, however, he writes a letter to the editor taking umbrage at the paper's treatment of the business.

He then proceeds to take a pot shot at the paper for the value (if any remains) of its parent company's stock and finally asks "when your number is up, who's going to dance on your grave?"

The only question is who's behavior is worse, the paper's or the Chamber's?

The curtain descends, to a funeral march.

Cash strapped developer finds religion

In the wake of the financial challenges faced by the Delta Organization, its head, Walt Logan, has turned to G-d.

Click here to read Walt’s article of faith.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Phoenixville's web site -- errors and omissions

The Borough's website continues its tradition of being incomplete and just plain wrong.

Although the 2009 proposed budget was eventually posted (last year), now that a budget actually has been approved, it has vanished from sight.

The "Agendas and Meetings" page states the Council meeting schedule incorrectly as being "the first Tuesday after the second Monday," even though Council has changed it to be simply the second Tuesday.