Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An incoherent truth?

“The comments and posts on The Phoenix Files do necessisarily represents the thoughts or feelings of The Phoenix and/or PhoenixvilleNews.com ownership or management.”

taken verbatim from The Phoenix Files.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Phoenixville -- deprived again

No, this is not write like a silly editor day. But with Barack Obama scheduled to appear at the Paoli and Downingtown train stations today, I expect the Editor of The Phoenix will write something like this:

Are you frustrated that Phoenixville is having another brush with presidential politics that is ending up with, again, a candidate ALMOST coming to Phoenixville.

Okay, it was great that Barack Obama will appear today at the Paoli and Downingtown train stations.

But he should have come here! What stopped him?

A TRAIN STATION, or, rather, reportedly, the lack of one.

Local gossip Dementia Blabberer said that she heard from the cousin of a great-aunt of a daughter-in-law of a friend of an Obama campaign worker that Obama was originally scheduled to ride the Schuylkill Valley Metro to Phoenixville, but changed plans when the campaign discovered that it didn't exist.

No, I'm not saying that we should build a multi-million dollar rail line just for an occasional campaign stop by a political candidate, but it is certainly as good an economic justification as anything else that's been put forward.

Lack of train service in Phoenixville can be an extreme inconvenience.

Phoenixville can use some good publicity and it's sad that yet another chance for a quick headline in the dying local paper is gone, perhaps forever.

But the train problem is more enduring and has broader implications than the occasional loss of bright opportunities like these.

Without a train line, it’s impossible to measure just how many people live on the right side of the tracks. But it’s known that some people do, because they tell us so.

That means lost status and self-esteem, sometimes not just for a day, but permanently.

I don't know whether Phoenixville should establish a Transportation Authority to handle the problem, or just set up a Transportation Department along with other borough offices. I’ve heard arguments on both sides.

But SOMEBODY needs to start building a train station downtown, or close to it, and soon. For special events at the high school or Reeves Park, organizers could set up a shuttle service using tumbrels, which is way easier to do from one central location like a train station.

'nuf said.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Clamor yes; answers, no.

“For Phoenixville pride, and for Phoenixville pocketbooks: Push Parking!”–Patricia Matson of The Phoenix.

I am reminded of the quote that ran in The Phoenix May 10, 2007:

“ ‘Get us our garage ...’ said Ken Beard of Jaworski’s Music.”

What I suggested to Mr. Beard at that time is reproduced below. Not Mr. Beard, Ms. Matson, Mr. Lawrence, nor anyone on the Council or the CDC has yet put forward in public any answers.

Dear Mr. Beard:

Thank you for your order to Garages ‘R Us. In order for us to process your order, please fill in the following information in our order form:

1. Size of garage (number of spaces): _________

2. Price per space: ____________

3. Base construction cost (1 x 2) = ___________

4. Land acquisition cost: ____________

5. Administration, miscellaneous costs: ________

6. Total price (3 + 4 + 5): ________________

7. How will you be paying for your new garage:_________________ (i.e., cash, credit, yours or someone else’s).

8. Will parking be free or will a parking fee be charged? _____

9. Estimated fee ___________, estimated occupancy ________, estimated fees collected (per month or year) _______________.

10. What are the estimated operating costs for your new garage: _______________/year.

11. How will you pay the operating costs: _______________

12. If you are financing your garage, what are the estimated payments (principal and interest) per year: _______________

13. How will you pay the principal and interest: _________________

14. Do the estimated fees cover the estimated operating, capital, and financing costs?

We look forward to receiving your completed order.


Garages ‘R Us

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What is cheaper than The Phoenix?

Looking for something cheaper than The Phoenix.

Try stock in the Journal Register Company, which owns The Phoenix.

Trading at $0.24 this morning (April 8th, 2008).

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Phebruary in Phoenixville

Go to the Borough's OFFICIAL website.

Click on "Calendar."

Yes, it's still Phebruary in Phoenixville.

Ever wonder what year it might be?

No meeting minutes yet, but the all important Easter Egg hunt is still on for March 15th. (Oops, it's April 2.)