Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Where's Wagner?

To get the contact information for Middle Ward Council Member Henry Wagner, our new Council President, click here, but don't be surprised at what you get.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Phoenixville's website

Dear Councilman Handwerk:

Since you have expressed a concern about the contents of the Borough’s website, may I suggest a few areas that merit further attention.

1. Is this an official website of Phoenixville and, if so, who is responsible for its content?

2. The other Council Member from the Middle Ward has no contact information posted.

3. The most recent Borough Council minutes are those for August 29, 2007. I believe that there have been Council meetings since then, with minutes being produced.

4. The site links to the Proposed 2008 Budget, although the actual budget, which is difference, was approved last month.

5. The website states that “Our goal is to keep the community up to date with important information associated with the Government of the Borough.” To whom does the pronoun “our” refer and what steps will you put in place toward the achievement of the stated goal?