Friday, May 28, 2010

Philadelphia's parking authority highlights

Now that Phoenixville's Parking Authority is in 'full swing,' is Philadelphia's experience something to which we can look forward.

Read the Philadelphia Inquirer's article.


A Phoenixville Taxpayer said...

You can't really think that such shenanigans could take place in Phoenixville, can you?

I know there were 'rumors' of a lot of shady things going on in town when Ted X. and Timmy M. and others were involved, but they're gone now.

Anonymous said...

At Council's meeting last night they tried to terminate the CDC contract but didn't have the votes. They did vote to give a letter of warning to Mr. Cassidy for some unstated misbehavior. Any info might know and can share?

The Chicken Cacciatore Project said...

Don't know.

The CDC and the Parking Authority are two entirely different boondoggles. Don't get them confused just because BC runs them both.

Councilman Handwerk was sure on the right track (and it wasn't the green line).

Anonymous said...

Be prepared for more "shenanigans" with DiGirolomo on ANY committee.

Anonymous said...

did the Borough save "his" chair?
I sure hope we don't have to buy another one!

Anonymous said...

From the looks of next Tuesday's Council agenda on Handwerk's blog site, it appears as though the Boro is finally catching up with the missing parking enforcement ordinances. I suspect that without Mr. Breuer's information they would never have even known. Always amazing. As I for one said in the beginning of this fiasco, appointing people who are even more clueless than Council to set up and operate a Parking Authority was a disaster in the making. Then put that boob Cassidy in charge and it's like watching a Three Stooges or Monty Python routine. Did we at least learn anything? I sure hope so.