Friday, February 12, 2010

Your parking authority at work?

Quoted from "Downtown Phoenixville News," Feb 12, 2010:

The thought of parking in the borough may have you flummoxed, but fear not! The word on the street is that the Justice Center parking lot (just west of Bridge & Gay) is clear and patrons may park there for the evening screenings. Similarly the Phoenix Federal lot on Main Street is clear, as is the Baptist Church lot on Church & Gay. The municipal lots are still snowy so they may not be the best bet.

By the way, might the anonymous operator of that blog be related in any way to the Executive Director of the Parking Authority?

Nice of the blogger to invite the general public to use various private lots. Do you think he or she got OKs from the property owners?


Anonymous said...


I just hate to pick apart our departments in the borough but I just got discharged from the Phx Hosp and all the employees that had to come into work have said the same thing "Phoenixville streets are the worst in any municipality around this area. What is going on? The avenues are horribe or beyond horrible. But if we gave them more overtime they would be much better.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that the streets designated as snow emergency routes were used for parking.

What happened to the move or be towed regulations when the Borough declares an emergency?

Oh, that's right. God put the snow there and God can take it away.

Ed Naratil said...

And now the parking authority wants $1.00/Hr for parking in the lots.

Not bad, some cities only give 10 minutes for 25 cents. That's $ 1.50/Hr so we'd be getting a deal.

But how about making some handicap spaces on Bridge Street. I've got a couple of friends that had a hard time walking. They can't walk from Main & Bridge to Iron Hill.

And heaven forbid they try to get to the Colonial Theatre from the Price or Prospect lots.

How about making all of the 100 and 200 block handicap with a 3 Hour time limit?